NICE CATHOLIC GIRLS DON’T TALK ABOUT SEX (8W) A group of women meets regularly for an evening Bible study. When struggling journalist Emily tells them she wants to talk about sex, she forces insecurities, fears and secrets out into the open.

PRESENTING, THE QUEEN OF HEARTS! (4 W, 2 M) Jenna just got her first period, but her mom won’t let her have a party and it’s totally lame. She sets out to have a party at her best friend Aimee’s house, but Aimee has plans for a first of her own.

THIRD PERIOD (3W) Jenna just became a woman. Like, today. If only anyone cared…

THE PLOT (1 W, 1 M) In light of her recent divorce, Frankie and Tyler’s mother has purchased a plot at the local cemetery, and today her children have been summoned to give their stamp of approval to their mother's final resting place. As they wait for her to arrive, Frankie and Tyler's growing realization of their own mortality triggers emotions that causes both siblings to wonder if it's possible for your life to be over before it has even begun.

SPINNY TWIRLY THINGS (5W, 1 M) Violet, a fifteen year-old figure skater, needs to be flawless or give up completely; her perfectionism is running her life. Her friends, natural talent Krystal and ambitious Robin, don’t understand her anxiety. But all three of them begin to spiral when Jessie, their coach tells them that she’s moving in a few months. Spinny Twirly Things explores the pressures of womanhood, figure skating, and perfectionism, and how all three become synonymous.

GOLDEN VANILLA (1 W, 1 M)  A struggling artist is drained from her ice cream scooper job, but energized by her secret love for best friend, an up and coming novelist who has far more twisted secrets of his own. 

MOTHER MAGGIE (1 W, 1 M). An idealistic college senior asks her campus priest to write her a recommendation for Catholic seminary even though she’s a woman.


IN GOOD TIMES AND IN BAD  When a maid of honor struggles with her best friend's wedding, she reflects on a time of extreme pressure and loneliness leading up to a tragedy that changed her life, revealing that it is not her best friend's wedding that has triggered these memories, but her own. *Tisch School of the Arts Screenplay Showcase Finalist, 2015  

TONY TURN AROUND When a young novelist starts hallucinating about past traumas, it comes to haunt him in a very real way. He must face this demons to save his future. 

LOVE, ISABELLE After the death of her grandmother and the departure of her best friend, Isabelle is left to deal with her abusive and neglectful parents all on her own. *Fusion Film Festival Finalist, 2014

207  A young woman stuck in a stale relationship and her childhood home finds hope when a pregnancy test comes back positive. When complications arise, she is motivated to commit an unforgivable crime. 

PIGEON A girl without a home fights for her life on the streets of New York until she realizes that one of her adversaries isn't who she suspected.


A figure skater must prove to her coach that she has what it takes to go to the next level.

Password: SKATE

A grieving balloon salesman learns to let go with a little help from an unlikely friend.